Denver Emacs Meetup - Presentation Ideas

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Presentation ideas

The following are presentation ideas for future meetups. Any headline with the "DONE" keyword means that it has been presented before. This is intended to be a list of ideas, not an explanation for each idea.

Not mentioned are specific programming language environments, but basically we could include a "How I develop $X in Emacs" for every language if it is sufficiently interesting.

Introduction to Emacs

  • Basic introduction to what Emacs is
  • How to obtain Emacs
  • Running Emacs
  • Where to go to customize
  • Basic navigation
  • Window and frame management

Org-mode [0/2]

A doozy, there are so many parts of org-mode that there's no way to present them all in a single meetup.

TODO Giving presentations within Org-mode

Maybe with org-beamer and org-reveal?

TODO Integrating org-mode/Emacs with other tools

  • org-jira
  • owncloud?
  • phone sync

How to deal with Graphics

  • DocView
  • pdftools
  • ImageMagick within Emacs

EWW :: surfing the web from Emacs

Emacs 24.5 included a new web browser written entirely in elisp - eww. Let's show it off and see what you can do with it!

Emacs for things you may not expect (email, IRC, twitter, stack overflow)

  • mu and mu4e
  • twittering-mode
  • ERC, rcirc, and circe
  • sx.el (stack overflow)
  • jabber.el
  • music (spotify, pandora, the other one)

Meta Emacs stuff


Emacs as a server, emacsclient and scripting Emacs

Invoking elisp from the command line. Avoiding the overhead of starting Emacs with emacsclient and such.

Shells in Emacs

There are various ways to run shells in Emacs, shell, ansi-term, eshell.

  • How do you run things in these shells?
  • Why would you want to?

TRAMP :: Accessing remote content with Emacs

TRAMP is awesome. We can show:

  • Editing a file on a remote machine
  • Publishing a file to a remote location with org-mode
  • Editing a file with the /sudo TRAMP protocol
  • Accessing an android phone's data with the ADB protocol
  • Debugging problems with TRAMP

Emacs macros

Macros are very useful.

Interacting with SQL servers

sql-mode to have a SQL "REPL"

Window management in Emacs

  • winner-mode
  • eyebrowse

Small packages (your favorite package!)

  • hideshow (Mike)
  • expand region (Mike)
  • yasnippet
  • use-package
  • git-gutter
  • alert
  • butler

Language-specific configurations

  • Swift (Kendall)
  • Javascript
  • Grails/Groovy
  • Java
  • Clojure

Presentations that have been given

DONE Introduction to Org-mode

  • A basic introduction
  • headlines
  • levels
  • TODO states
  • tags
  • exporting
  • org-publishing
  • org-clock for time tracking
  • the agenda
  • org-capture and capture templates

DONE Literate programming with Org-babel

Embedding code inside of org-mode

  • Editing embedded code in its proper mode
  • Tangling code into separate files
  • Re-using snippets using noweb

DONE Magit :: git within Emacs

Magit - it makes git easy and fun! Complex enough you could spend an entire meetup discussing it. We could also discuss other git-related tools like git-timemachine, git-gutter, etc.

DONE Dired :: a file browser in Emacs

There is so many neat things dired can do

  • file browsing
  • writable dired
  • moving, copying, and deleting files
  • previewing files

DONE Eshell :: A shell written in elisp

Explain all about why eshell is pretty great, how it is different than a usual shell, pros/cons and what you can do with it that you can't do with other shells.

DONE Project management with Projectile

Great tool for project management. Let's discuss some of its features.

DONE Helm for incremental completion

There's already a good guide for this, but maybe make it a little more interactive? Show some of the crazy things that Helm can do like opening files with external program, marking and searching, buffer management, and so on.

DONE An elisp introduction

Elisp is a lisp-2.

Mode hooks to have per-buffer or per-mode settings

How to unit test elisp (ert)

DONE REST client integration

  • and in org-mode!

Author: Lee Hinman

Created: 2016-05-24 Tue 19:43