Hex LiveCD

HeX LiveCD is a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) centric Live CD, built based on the principles of NSM, for analysts, by analysts. Besides containing most of the popular Open Source NSM tools, the HeX Live CD also contains tools to perform network forensics. This Live CD was built based on the 7.0 Release of FreeBSD, and provides Fluxbox as the default desktop environment. It also includes an installer for installing HeX to hard disk.

I work as a developer for the Hex project. I have contributed the flowtime script, iploc, harimau, yahsnarf and aimsnarf scripts as well as doing all the work on NSM-Console. I also build packages for additional software for the Hex distribution.

Here's a screenshot, because screeshots are fun, keep in mind that this is of wmii, not fluxbox, because that is my preferred window manager:


You can download the Hex LiveCD itself from the Trac here. The latest version is 2.0

You can download packages that I've built for Hex from this directory. In addition, you can find packages in the official backports repository.


The best source of information/documentation is the Hex LiveCD Trac, if your question isn't answered there, come ask us in #rawpacket on Freenode.


If you want to interested in or want to follow development, you can check out the timeline, or check our Hex 2.0 milestone that we're working towards. UPDATE: HeX 2.0 is out! No longer headed towards the milestone, check out what has changed in this new release!

You can download the Hex code from SVN by following these steps: Set your configuration in ~/.ssh/config

host security
  Port 1337
  ForwardAgent no
  ForwardX11 no

And then use:

svn co svn+ssh://security/home/svn/hex/trunk/ hex