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About me


My name is Matthew Lee Hinman (I usually go by "Lee"), I'm a software developer in the Denver Amsterdam Denver area who enjoys open source software, Elasticsearch, Emacs, and coffee. Welcome!

I'm an active contributor in the open-source Elasticsearch and Clojure community, and enjoy working in teams to solve challenging and interesting problems. I care a lot about code quality and release the majority of my extracurricular code as open source.

I am one of the authors of Elasticsearch In Action and currently work at Elastic as a core developer.

If you want to contact me you can do so by emailing lee @ this domain, or leehinman [at] fastmail [dot] com.

Current Projects

These are some of the main things I'm currently working on, contributing to, or maintaining. Check my Github account for the full list of stuff.

Other Technical things


Here are some articles that I've written, outside of my blog. Newest articles are at the top.

You can also follow the RSS feed of writequit.org


Some of these are quite old, but here is a list of papers I have written or contributed to, or have been mentioned in.


Places to find me

  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Last.fm
  • On Matrix, in the #generalisms:writequit.org room, or PM @dakrone:writequit.org
  • IRC, on freenode as dakrone, usually in #elasticsearch, #clojure, #emacs, and #org-mode

Author: Lee Hinman

Created: 2016-08-22 Mon 13:10