• Sun rebrands itself as Java…

    August 27, 2007

    …at least, that’s what Jonathan makes it sound like in his post here. Looks like Sun is going to be changing its stock symbol from SUNW to JAVA in an effort to appeal to people who don’t know what “SUN” is about, but have heard about “Java” in all their daily use. While I agree […]

  • How to compile ettercap NG 0.7.3 on Mac OSX when you get that annoying pthread error

    August 10, 2007

    [Update]: If you’re trying to compile Ettercap on Leopard, check here. I’ve been trying to get this compiled for 2 days now, finally found out how to do it. Figured I’d share for everyone else. If you try this without making the change to the configure file it will complain about you not having support […]

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