PHFOS update – more than 20 threads useable

October 29, 2007

[UPDATE 10/30/07]: In the below post, use the link to the text file to get the latest version, I can’t edit the actual text on the page every time I update the script. The most up-to-date script can be found here.

Just a small update, you *can* actually use more than ~20 threads when using the phfos script. The key is to make sure you are using the --readstop option so the thread doesn’t sit there waiting for rand(maxTime-minTime+1) + minTime seconds keeping the file open. I was successfully able to run it with 1500 threads on my MacBook Pro and again with 1500 threads on my desktop Ubuntu machine.

Hopefully this will make the script infinitely more useful, as a lot more connections can be simulated now.

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