Free shell account anyone?

October 31, 2007

For a time, I’m offering a free shell account to anyone who would like one on Email me if you would like an account.


  • FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE
  • UltraSPARC IIe 650 Mhz processor (speeeeedy :P)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • SSH login from anywhere that can get to
  • lighttpd w/fastcgi & SSL for web serving
  • Ajaxterm to access console login from http
  • 78%+ uptime! (I jest, more uptime than that)

Like I said, if you’re interested, email me, I’m curious to know what you would do with it also :)

[UPDATE]: Due to the amount of requests I am receiving about this software, I would prefer if you were not going to use the account to host psybnc or eggdrop, I would prefer you use the account for something a bit more constructive :)

[UPDATE 2]: Someone with an account was rude enough to attempt to install backdoor software, this offer is no longer in effect for the time being.

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14 Comments to "Free shell account anyone?"

  1. Mai Quoc Dai wrote:

    I need an account but i dont know your email.
    So i post here :). my email

  2. Lee Hinman wrote:

    My email is in the “About the Author” section on the top right part of the page. Send me an email with what you’d like your username to be and what’d you like to use the account for and I’ll get you set up.

  3. Roy wrote:

    Hi Matt,

    Sent you an email. :)


  4. hi wrote:

    please me

  5. vlada wrote:

    hi man.i dont know your e-mail and i wrote you down here for mail is

  6. Raymond wrote:

    need shell for my site.. can i have a shell account ?

  7. Roy wrote:

    If you guys need a shell, you have to email him. He already posted where you can see his e-mail address.

  8. Jack Frame wrote:

    You can get a cheap shell account with your hosting account at – I have my site there & it costs about $6 a month. i had trouble finding a host who provided shell access.

  9. casperhug wrote:

    I don’t see your email address, I want my account here my email add, please provide its badly needed to to add-on in my domain…


  10. Robertas wrote:

    Hello man im going to work in the sea, and ill be far away from pc.. Can you add me shell to run 1 bg for psybnc please? Login would be: robertas
    thanks waiting reply to email. god bless u.

  11. bzed wrote:

    affordable shell accounts @

  12. Roy wrote:

    Can’t connect anymore to your server :/

  13. rxKaffee wrote:

    Hi all. This post is directed at this site’s Owner/Author: If you are ever interested in offering this service again, you might want to look into colaborating with the nipl project. There are several very knowledgable and responsible admins within the project that would likely be willing to assist you in babysitting the server(ie, watching for users abusing), and such tasks. At one time, the nipl group fully owned 4 or 5 servers, and helped a couple non-members maintain free service servers. Abusive users, community disinterest, and an abundance of useless eggdroppers has caused a gradual and major scaleback in nipl’s current offerings.

  14. Skynet wrote:

    Hi, give me free shell please. . Send to

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