NSM Console projected module list

November 28, 2007

Here’s a list of all the planned modules and completed (struck-out) modules for nsm-console: (if a module is struck out, it’s because I’ve finished making a module for it, it isn’t necessarily in the tarball for download)

  • aimsnarf
  • ngrep (gif/jpg/pdf/exe/pe/ne/elf/3pg/torrent)
  • tcpxtract
  • tcpflow
  • chaosreader
  • bro-IDS
  • snort
  • tcpdstat
  • capinfos
  • tshark
  • argus
  • ragator
  • racount
  • rahosts
  • hash (md5 & sha256)
  • ra
  • honeysnap
  • p0f
  • pads
  • fl0p
  • iploc
  • foremost – thanks shadowbq!
  • flowgrep
  • tcptrace
  • tcpick
  • flowtime
  • flowtag
  • harimau
  • clamscan

Think of any other useful modules? Leave me a comment and let me know!

P.S. I’m also brainstorming for some pcap/real-time network visualization tools, stay tuned!

3 Comments to "NSM Console projected module list"

  1. shadowbq wrote:

    foremost data carver – http://foremost.sourceforge.net/

  2. me wrote:

    check out afterglow

  3. shadowbq wrote:

    Real-time network visualization

    Afterglow – http://afterglow.sourceforge.net/

    rumint – http://www.rumint.org/
    flowtag – http://chrislee.dhs.org/pages/research/projects.html#flowtag
    tnv http://tnv.sourceforge.net/

    These are mainly researtch project with small user bases. It would be nice though to have use of one or main of these projects as a day to day analyst. It sometimes is hard to integrate these into a work model for anaylst. nsm-console modules could help.



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