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  • Submission: Ralf’s updated zfs backup script (with tutorial!)

    June 20, 2007

    The following comes to you from Ralf Ramge, who has graciously allowed me to post his script and all the instructions below: “I have a small update. I’ve made the number of backups of each filesystem easier to handle by replacing the hardcoded number with a variable. I also added some comments so everybody should […]

  • Submission: local/remote zfs snapshot script

    June 6, 2007

    Here’s a nifty little submission from Ralf Ramge. It will do a ZFS snapshot backup to a local directory, a remote machine and also clone and promote the filesystem on the remote machine. It keeps the last 7 backups around. Take a look: #!/bin/bash # backup_zfssnap.sh, (c) 2007 ralf [dot] ramge [at] webde [dot] de […]

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