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  • DRBD and Heartbeat for high availability on Linux

    June 18, 2007

    I’ve been trying to get a HA solution put together for one of our software projects here at EMC and I figured I’d share the configuration of these two products in the environment that we’re using. I have to write the documentation for it anyway, so I might as well post it here for everyone […]

  • Not-as-simple perl script for ZFS snapshot auditing

    June 5, 2007

    Hi everyone, I’m back again with another perl script to hopefully be useful to a few of you. Firstly, the script: http://lee.hinmanphoto.com/files/zdiff.txt (formatting long scripts in wordpress’ crazy editor is a very long and arduous process, thus I’m just linking to the script in this case, if anyone knows of a better place to stick […]

  • Use SVM to make RAID0 and RAID1 meta-partitions

    May 17, 2007

    Firstly, the easy one: RAID0: Given 4 slices, each ~5g: First, need a metadb, I created a 100MB slice on c1t1d0s0 (which I am NOT using for the RAID, entirely separate drive) and ran this command to initiate the database. It is a good idea to mirror the database in a minimum of 3 positions, […]

  • Getting EMC Celerras to work for iscsi on Solaris 10

    May 17, 2007

    For fun and profit! Basically, for my own categorization: 1. Celerra-side: Create filesystems (I am using 4 because I want to stripe across all 4: nas_fs -n iscsiRAID1_5g -c size=5G pool=clar_r5_performance nas_fs -n iscsiRAID2_5g -c size=5G pool=clar_r5_performance nas_fs -n iscsiRAID3_5g -c size=5G pool=clar_r5_performance nas_fs -n iscsiRAID4_5g -c size=5G pool=clar_r5_performance Mount filesystems: server_mount server_2 iscsiRAID1_5g /iscsiRAID1_5g […]

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