User-submitted modules: flowtag and clamscan

February 11, 2008

I’d like to point out a couple of user-submitted modules for NSM-Console that are now included in the distribution.

Firstly, scholar01 has created a ‘flowtag’ module for NSM-Console to use Chris Lee’s  excellent Flowtag software for categorizing and tagging network flow for a packet capture. Thanks for the submission scholar01!

Secondly, JohnQPublic has created a ‘clamscan’ module to in order to scan the files extracted by either tcpxtract or foremost for viruses. The clamscan module uses the popular open-source antivirus ClamAV software. Thanks JohnQPublic!

Both of these modules have been committed into NSM-Console’s code, and while only flowtag is included in the 0.5 release, you can try them out by checking NSM-Console out of SVN with the following command:

svn co nsm-console

Note that the majority of the code I commit to svn is stable enough for regular usage, it just doesn’t undergo the regular testing that the point-releases do before they are released.

Thanks to both authors for submitting modules, they’re now included in the ‘credits’ command. :)

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