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  • Obfuscated javascript fun

    March 5, 2008

    A friend of mine (thanks Legit) turned me on to this piece of javascript found in the midst of some PHP: <script language=”JavaScript”> var0 = “x69x3cx33x27x34x38x30x75x3bx34″; var1 = “x38x30x68x72x36x3ax20x3bx21x30″; var2 = “x27x72x75x26x27x36x68x72x3dx21″; var3 = “x21x25x6fx7ax7ax33x27x34x38x30″; var4 = “x26x21x34x21x7bx3bx30x21x7ax3c”; var5 = “x3bx31x30x2dx67x7bx25x3dx25x72″; var6 = “x75x3dx30x3cx32x3dx21x68x72x64″; var7 = “x63x72x75x22x3cx31x21x3dx68x72″; var8 = “x64x63x72x75x33x27x34x38x30x37″; var9 = “x3ax27x31x30x27x68x72x65x72x75″; var10 = […]

  • An update on the Sun Blade 150

    October 15, 2007

    Well, I finally got around to finishing doing all the installs and setup on the Blade 150 I had laying around. In the end, since it only had 1gb of RAM and only 1 600 Mhz UltraSPARC II processor, I decided to go with FreeBSD instead of Solaris. Initially, Solaris worked great serving up a […]

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