NSM-Console version 0.4 release

January 16, 2008

smallmonkeyWell, it has barely been any length of time and there’s already a new release of NSM-Console, there are so many features that I’ve been coding like crazy to get them all done. First, let’s start with the downloading:


And, for anyone interested, here’s a rundown of the most notable new features:

Additional encoding/decoding options
You can now do uuencode and uudecode using encode and decode. In addition I’ve added octal and char decoding, more to come in the future!

The ‘print’ command (or just ‘p’)
NSM-Console now supports reading and printing pcap file connections as well as payloads in a variety of multiple formats. If you use the ‘print’ or ‘p’ command without any arguments, usage is displayed. You can print just connection information, or you can print the payload in either ascii or hex. The print command also supports ranges, *s and commas. For example, all of these are valid commands:
p -x 100
p -h 10-15
p 100-*
p -x 10,53-64,102,2037-*

To see the print command in more action, take a look at how it is used to decode the sans packet challenge.

Color terminal text
Yep, nsm-console now supports color to brighten up your packet analysis experience :) If you are too dull to enjoy color (or don’t have a terminal that supports it), you can turn it off by using the ‘color off’ command.

Added modules
I’m slowing down for finding modules to easily add, but I still managed to add 2: tcptrace and tcpick. Note that tcpick isn’t installed by default on a Hex 1.0.2 install, so you’ll need to install it yourself. In order to view the graphs generated by tcptrace, you’ll need to install xplot too. (Hopefully these will be included in the next version of Hex)

~/.nsmcrc configuration file
When NSM-Console starts up, it will now check to see if the ~/.nsmcrc file exists, if it does, it will read through it and execute the commands found. For example:

[hinmanm@Euclid] $ cat ~/.nsmcrc
color off
eval $PROMPT="#{$GREEN}nsm#{$RESET}> "
# This is a comment
set honeysnap HOST_LIST,

would set the color to be off, change the prompt to be green (yea, I know, a contradiction, it’s just an example) and set up some of our honeysnap options. Any line starting with a “#” will be ignored as a comment. This should help with some of the tediousness of having the set the same options every time you start up nsm-console.

Bugfixes, always bugfixes
Who doesn’t like bugfixes?

You can see the full list of all the changes in this version here, as well as future TODOs here. I’d like to give a big thanks to Scholar for letting me use his pcap parsing library, this way nsm-console doesn’t depend on any external libraries. Thanks Scholar!

I’ve also set up an NSM-Console wiki page over on the trac, in case you’re having trouble finding any of the information or want to download an older release.

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