Hex 1.0.3 released!

February 13, 2008

hex103icon.pngWe just released Hex 1.0.3, the Chinese New Year release, although it’s closer to the Valentine’s day release. Congratulations to all the Hex developers for fixing bugs and adding features!

You can grab the iso here. [md5] [sha256]
Or, grab the iso from the mirror. [md5] [sha256]

Since Geek00l already covered a list of the most important changes in his blog post, I’ll just echo the changes in NSM-Console, which is the software that I develop. The version of NSM-Console in Hex 1.0.3 is 0.6-DEVEL, which can be obtained either by checking out the code from subversion (svn co http://svn.security.org.my/trunk/rawpacket-root/usr/home/analyzt/rp-NSM/nsm-console nsm-console), or waiting until I release 0.6 ;)

New Features:
– ‘dump‘ command added, you can now dump packet payloads into a binary file for later analysis
– Significant speedups in the harimau module and ‘checkip‘ command if wget is installed
– tcpxtract configuration file changed to extract more types of files
– Added foremost module
– Added clamscan module (Thanks JohnQPublic)
– Argus and tcptrace have reverse dns turned off by default now, it was causing the module to hang for extremely large pcap files. Can be switched on by changed the module options
– rot13 encoding and decoding added

– alias command
– urlescape (en|de)coding
– file existence check
– many other things
All the other enhancements, bugfixes and additions.

Since Hex 1.0.2 had NSM-Console version 0.2 in it, if you haven’t downloaded the console or checked it out from subversion since the last hex release, here’s what else has been added since then:

Or you can view the TODO and CHANGELOG for NSM-Console directly. If you want to check out more information about either of the projects, check out the Trac pages for Hex and NSM-Console:

Now, onward to FreeBSD 7.0! :)

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